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Life Insurance Covers Family

What is Life Insurance?

Life insurance is a way you can protect your family and loved ones, even after you pass away. Rather than leaving your family with existing debt, funeral expenses and other everyday costs, they’ll receive a tax-free death benefit or payout. This can provide financial security and stability.

Do I Need Life Insurance?

Just about everyone can benefit from some level of insurance protection for their loved ones.  Talk to one of our agents to discuss your family’s specific needs. You might be just starting out, raising a family, or preparing for your golden years—as long as you have loved ones you want to protect if you pass away, life insurance can help. The key is finding a policy that fits you and your specific situation. Whether you’re looking for a lot of coverage or just the basics, we have a policy for what you need.

Life insurance can help your loved ones:

  • Cover the rising cost of funeral expenses
  • Replace lost wages or the value of your time (e.g., stay-at-home spouse)
  • Pay off debt
  • Provide for a college education
  • Leave an inheritance

What Types of Policies are There?

Most life insurance falls in two basic categories: term and permanent. Term lasts for a set period of time, and permanent lasts your entire life.

 Term lifePermanent life
CostAs low as $10/moPrice varies
Coverage term10-40 yearsYour entire life
In-person medical examSometimes requiredSometimes required
Other benefits that may be available
  • Conversion to a permanent policy
  • Coverage for children
  • Accidental death benefit
  • Cash value with tax-deferred growth
  • Ability to take out loans or withdrawals on policy value
  • Accidental death benefit
  • Optional add-ons for long term care coverage (not Accidental death benefit)